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Sugar: Cost and Benefit

February 4, 2011

We absolutely love it…in every form.  Sweet.  Tasty.  Energizing.  Calming.  Its name is sugar….aka sucrose, fructose, maltose, corn syrup, glucose, or any other chemical name that is used to tell us its in there.  Each particular sugar derivative plays its role in our bodies, but most have become to believe it is bad for us.  What do you say we mix things up a bit and chat about its good points.  Well, only as far as to say which ones are good.

Let’s get the downsides of excess sugar.  Ingesting too much can potentially cause diarrhea and constipation if they are in excess or undigestible in the intestines.  This situation potentially leads an intolerance or sensitivity or what many have deemed a “food allergy”.  The absorbed excess that is not eating by the bugs in the intestinal tract gets the pleasure of entering the blood stream and filtered through the kidneys.  The kidneys really enjoy the extra work load they acquire, so much so they refer to it as there own “tax season”.  Shall I continue?  Nah, we will save the discussion of the adrenal and nervous system for another time.  It would be too depressing for this wonderful paragraph of happiness.

Now, the good sugars can do.  They give us energy (although so do proteins and fats).  They also can potentially make us feel really great if we are sad or feeling depressed.  (especially those oatmeal raisin cookies my wife makes).  But wait, if we eat too many it takes us back to the discussion we didn’t want to in the above paragraph as well as the other we didn’t want to begin (the adrenals and the nervous system).

Argh, I need a cookie fix.

Leading us to the inevitable challenge of balancing the good and the bad.  This is even a greater problem for those who already have bowel distress and use sweet fixes to calm their nerves or raise themselves out of a funk.  Sorry, but this just drags you down a spiral of more stress.  How do you change it?  Well, first begin with the cost-benefit.  Which stress do you want to correct more?  The one that is rough out the back end, for example, or your brain from exploding because of the crying baby in the other room?  This is a tough call because often the emotional one is staring us in the face and is usually corrected first.  However, if we can just take a small stand in our weakest moments, we may just make that difference.

Let’s start with all that is available in the sugar world.

So… we are left with natural sugars in whole, unobstructed fruits and vegetables.  These are the only sugars that offer us a full positive.  One we get energy, and two we get other nutrients.  They are also easily digestible, tasty, and your body has the opportunity to do more with them.

My apologies for the failure to give more good, but this is really all I have for you.  Sugars in excess cause problems.

Wait, I said excess!  Sweetie, where are those oatmeal raisin cookies!  I think I have a sugar deficiency!

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