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Body Mechanics

February 15, 2011

The first thing I think of when I hear the word mechanic is my Chevy pickup limping to the auto shop for repair.  If I had only taken due diligence and changed the oil regularly, rotated the tires, and checked for those little warning signs that pop up on occasion or seem to constantly remind me.  Unfortunately, the good ole Chevy has to go see a real mechanic and dip into my savings account to repair the rear stabilizer bar.  One of the many things I cannot do on my own to save money.  There is really no better comparison to the maintenance and repair of your automobile and your own human body.  If your automobile is not maintained, it will fail earlier than it should.  If your body is not maintained, it will fail earlier than it should.

One of the best decision you can make is to be active, but one of the biggest fears many have now is injuring themselves.  Without constant use of the body, it decides to scale its abilities back and it loses what it had previously learned just like an old truck that has been sitting for the last 20 years begging to be out on the muddy roads.  So which on is worse, getting injured or losing it all together?  I am going to skip that all together.  Let’s look at the possibility that neither is a necessary concern.  There is a new branch of fitness specialists that focus on not only prevent injuries, but also maintaining status quo and possibly improving your abilities and also your personal confidence.  The focus of these few utilize principles of physics along with anatomy and the central nervous system.  By applying the correct amount of force in the correct direction across the correct joint(s), the body has the opportunity to respond in a positive manner and achieve results that would not be possible by the method of “just going to the gym and doing it”.  There is so much more to what the body can do with a small amount of force as long as there is an intentional effort.

These specialists, known as Resistance Training Specialists and Muscle Activation Techniques Specialists, strive to determine your limitations in movement that could lead to stress elsewhere and improve your body’s ability to move into the limitation.  Your first thought at this moment is probably “stretching”.  Well, not exactly.  The central nervous system will tighten up certain joint because it knows that there are specific weaknesses in movements that could potentially cause an injury.  This intelligent system does not want you to move in that direction or manner and will do whatever it takes to keep you from there unless you decide to force it, then it may give in or decide to really lock everything down.  I am sure many of you have experienced this by lifting something too heavy, overstretching, or working out too hard.  Those stiff muscles are not just “broken down”, they may be on “lockdown” as well.  You may have just lost the ability to move one or more of your joints they way your previously were able to.  This sounds like aging, right?

By visiting a Resistance Training Specialist or Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, the ability to prevent these situations or improve your current state can be changed for the better.  I know it sounds impossible, but these individuals use science in its true form to determine your limitations and choose the right path to achieve success.  Just like you would put gas in your car, change your oil regularly, and rotate the tires, “body mechanics” can offer the same benefits to keep your body running longer without running it into the ground.

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