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Does the end justify the means?

March 11, 2011

So many of us have made decisions to reach a goal that may have been at a cost that outweighed the benefit.  At the time the benefit seemed so great that the cost was not understood, even though the outcome was exactly what we wanted.  It would be a blessing to have been able to understand this great cost prior to making the decision.  However, even knowing the cost sometimes we still will spend it without understanding the benefit that we desire so much.

How does this relate to our lives in health and fitness?  The relation is bigger than we can imagine.  Let’s take for example a classic breakfast:  a couple cups of joe, toast with jam, and maybe a pastry or muffin.  In this intake of food (aka chemicals), there is a high degree of sugar and stimulants.  With these components of nutrition, the body would move to an excited state (let’s use this terminology without getting to great detail).  Many of us know that by eating these foods, we getting a burst of energy, but what few of us understand is that this burst of energy when chosen many times over retards our bodies natural balance.  By doing this, our bodies lose the ability to have enough focus on recovery and repair.  Over a period of time, this constant morning decision could age your faster.  Does this need for energy and the final outcome justify the use of harsh stimulants?  That is your call.  Before anything enters the mouth, be sure to understand what it is and what it can do before ingestion.

I hope you enjoy your latte and muffin this morning!

Try this thought process with other areas of health and fitness.  I am sure you could come up with so many more.

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