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Acute versus Chronic Stress

March 28, 2011

It has been a few weeks since offering my last tidbits on living a fit life.  (Next week the discussion will be on exactly that.  What is a fitness?)  For now, let’s delve into the feelings we have from stress and their potential consequences.  Stress shows its ugly face in a variety of ways, but the most popular is by way of a physical feeling.  This may be a tight or crampy muscle, a headache, a stomach ache, or even a mess in the porcelain bowl.  Each is a warning sign that something is amiss whatever that may be.

The question that often made is:  So What?  Well, a warning sign usually means you may need to look into what the physical feeling could mean.  Acute stress usually comes in a full force feeling of pain, but often times is ignored because it comes and leaves quickly.  Or did it???  This stress is the initial warning that needs to be addressed.  More often than not the reason it went away is because the body was able to compensate away from the stress and give the appearance that your body is working at normal function.  The appearance is smoke and mirrors.  Something was wrong, but more than likely was not corrected to the original normal.  If this happens often enough (and it usually does), then we reach a point where we can no longer compensate away from the stress and a chronic annoyance arrives.  At this point, the odds of moving to original function or at least to a point where the body can adapt because more slim.  This is the time we usually call the doctor or some other practitioner to aid our dilemma, but often times a correction that will meet our needs is not available unless we can find a way to give our body the opportunity to heal and repair the previous stresses.

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