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Moringa Oleifera – The Greatest Nutrition for Recovery?

May 8, 2012

I am like many other humans who are challenged with recovery from excessive heat, overtraining, or just forgetting to eat properly.  Every time this happens I get fagitued, grouchy and many times a good ole headache.  The use of Gatorade was ok, but always left me wanting more and more and more.  Water kept me hydrated, but did not fill in the gaps.  Even the use of EmergenC was not enough for these situations.  So of course I searched in the internet for recovery drinks that were formulated to aid in this department.  The most popular are the sports powders with mass electrolytes and often sugar.  These seemed to give me the feeling of being satisfied, but lacked the long term benefits.  They also seemed to burn going down my throat.  So disappointing.

So after many years of products that didn’t live up to the demands that I required, I heard about a plant called moringa oleifera.  At first I was skeptical, but I always do my research and give almost anything a try.  This plant has just about every nutrient the body needs to perform it daily functions.  If this is true, then it should fill in the gaps of nutrients lost during times of excessive heat, overtraining, or poor nutrition.  After five months of putting the plants and its many derivative products through the paces, I have found it to be the best of anything I have tried to date.  It can be consumed in many forms.  The leaves as a salad.  The seeds as a snack.  Oil from seeds as an added fat source.  For USDA nutrition information, please visit there page on the leaves and pods.

Unfortunately, there is a challenge in obtaining this plant in its most beneficial form.  Luckily, my sister  informed me of a company that offered this plant in a powder form to mix with water.  Downside, I didn’t research it deeply for several months, but as all things I do eventually get the studying done to determine an outcome.  (Especially when a second person months later brings it to my attention.)  During the five month period, I utilized just about every way I could think of to decrease the balanced nutrients in my body.  Each time my recovery or ability to continue my task at hand was almost perfect.  The company that makes this moringa oleifera nutrition is called Zija.  I have tried there other products, but there flagship powder drink mix his there best for these necessary needs.  If you have interest in learning more about the details of my testing, please email me.

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